Technical Features

Land Area 4550 Sq m
Built up Area 1260 Sq m
Radiation Source Cobalt-60
Design Capacity 1200kCi of Cobalt 60
Source Storage Water Pool
No. of Passes 3 + 3
No of Carriers 49
No of Boxes in each Carrier 5
Dimension of box(cm) (Outer) 59(L) x 34(w) x 43(H)
Biological Shield / Wall Thickness Concrete; 1.8m
Source Geometry Product Overlap.
System Power Electric & Hydraulic.
Control Panel PLC based
Personnel Access Door Steel
Access to Cell Through Labyrinth
Radiation Safety Multiple Interlocks
Conveyor speed 1:6 (Cell Area & Labyrinth)
Conveyor System Continuous /Automatic.

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