Commercial Terms:

  • The processing charges mentioned on the Order Registration Form (ORF) are provisional. Exact charges will be as per Invoice raised subsequently.

  • The expected date of delivery mentioned on the ORF is to be confirmed before sending vehicle for collection.

  • The payment of the Invoice amount must be made at the time of collection of material in full by cheque/demand draft in favour of A V PROCESSORS PVT LTD. payable at Mumbai. Part payment will not be accepted. Bank Charges will be to your account.

  • The cheque/DD should be sent to our factory/Office address by courier immediately.

  • AVPPL is not responsible for any loss due to shortage/damage of products. Clients are advised to take comprehensive insurance of the material while they are in transit or in our custody.

  • Freight cost (both to and fro) will have to be borne by the client.

  • Client’s should affix their label on the boxes with information such as their name, product’s name etc.

  • AVPPL reserves the right of refusal to accept any product which in its opinion can’t be processed.

  • Products shall be packed in corrugated boxes having outer dimensions 59(L) x 34(W) x 43(H) cm. These dimensions should not exceed under any circumstances. The gross weight of the packed box should not exceed 15 kg. The products should be packed in such a way that they are filled till the top and there is no empty space inside. The packed boxes should not be bulgy.

  • In case any box is received in damaged condition, we shall replace the box and charge for the same in our Invoice.

  • In case the boxes are recycled, all old packing slips must be removed before affixing new one.

  • Service Tax as applicable on the date of Invoice will be charged.

  • In case of order cancellation by client for any reason, Rs.10/- per box will be charged.

  • TDS if applicable should be deducted for Contractors (Section 194C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • In case of any dispute, the decision of AVPPL will be final and binding.

Quality Related Terms:

  • AVPPL is not responsible for the sterility of the irradiated product.

  • AVPPL is not responsible for the change in properties of the irradiated material. Suitability of the product and the packaging material should be ascertained before sending them to us for processing.

  • AVPPL reserves the right to open any box for verification of the contents, to remove samples or to place Dosimeters for testing purpose. Such boxes will be resealed. A label will be affixed mentioning the quantity removed if any.

  • Microbiological test strips shall not be put in the boxes without AVPPL’s approval.
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